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Heart House, is a safe and secure network of creatives, who are consciously shifting from artistry to HEARTistry.

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at Heart House, we create together!

Heart House is an official Tribe Fest community! 

To learn more about Tribe Fest NYC and other events curated by The Osborne Love

In order to keep our house safe and secure, we have a couple of guidelines we would like to share:


1. Protect Our Privacy: This is a sacred space! Please do not share any information outside of this group. 

2. Radical Consent: We believe in a culture of radical consent. This means that we honor everyone’s sovereign “NO” and make room for everyone’s sovereign “YES”. 

3. Confidentiality: Home is where you can say the things you can’t say around other people. This space is no different, and we would like to be severely intentional about confidentiality. Being a part of this family ensures your business and your personal development are covered and protected by each other.

4. The Art of Clearing: Families go through tough times, so we want to prepare for any difficult conversations in advance. If you have an issue with a family member, please do your best to work it out/ “clear” with one another, respectfully. If you cannot do that, please select a family member both parties are comfortable with to mediate. Additional support can always be requested by emailing


5. Do The Work: This community works when you work it! Joining something new has never got easier so, if you do the work, you will see results...Guaranteed!

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