Who said I was a "Blogger"?

February 11, 2018


Over a year ago

 I'd walk into any networking opportunity and introduce myself as “BelRaye the Blogger”. Now that title was a bit beyond my works at the moment. Well to be honest, I hadn’t posted anything. I had no idea of what I wanted to blog about ; let alone did I even know what blogging was. I know. How would a millennial not know what blogging is? I honestly did want to blog so I started researching what it took to “be a blogger”. I mean it was mental consumption overload. It was programmed “Must Become Blogger”. I just had to be!

After hours and days of blog-searching, I got to my final result, “ummm I’m not meant to be a Blogger!” What would I have to write about? What time will I have to update this info? What system or website will I use that won’t run my pockets but still have quality? Lastly, who will even listen to me?

Well I let that desire go REAL quick!

Whew! Glad I didn’t waste my time on continuing this blogging thing.

Glad I got that over with.


So the next few weeks I had to explain to my counterparts that I wasn’t a Blogger and that my work was more of an "Iyanla Vanzant-verbal-intimate-session-type-of-work". So I wasn't into the "blogging thing" anymore.

Until (Jan.2017) my friend, beautiful fro sister,Jenn said,“Listen BelRaye! You’re too freaking genius to just have great things to say. You're too beautiful to just keeping going to events dressed dope but not documenting. Or giving great insight and only 2 people can hear because its conversation. It’s your story! You need content!! People need to go somewhere to find you. It’s great to reach people in person. But you can reach masses if you duplicate the conversation.”

Excuse the cojones outta me!

Truth moment. The truth was, to stay in my verbally selfish world of deep folkloric encounters, was safe and less scary!

(All my anti-ageism ppl would say I was brainwashed.lol)

I’d like to say,wise-washed. 


You’d think after that, I immediately got on it! Nope! Thoughts of more reasons to separate myself from social media and public outlets from my artistry was louder than bull horn. “How you gonna do that Bel? Work on other things. You don’t have to go that route. You're different. Yeah! Your  so different you don’t need to subject yourself to this fast paced digital driven world!” Sounds super imperious! Someone just gag for me please? Because that was just excuse wrapped in a sushi roll! I great one with eel sauce at that!



Here I am now. Writing.Documenting.Sharing. What changed BelRaye?

I got pregnant!

I know. Shallow huh?

Truth is I got pregnant and experienced an unexpected doctor reccommedation to stay home from work due to some concerns.(we’ll talk more about that another time) So here I am growing a bump, dabbling into depression, watching my day time television (shout out to Steve and Ellen!) and literally just posting on FB to make myself feel better and not so secluded. Ok ... the word is "lonely".

On one of my lonely days, my friend, who does marketing and branding, pulled me out of my slump and said:




The convo changed everything!And here we are. No false expectations. Doing on paper, what it means to be a “blogger”. Writing my thoughts and findings with intent to share. Simple. No one else’s box. My pace. Stretching like a balloon. Moving in faith. Unifying with God, time and process.

See, I limited myself and gave simple excuses of why I wasn’t this “person” when all I would be doing was merging the things that I loved.




Taboo topics.


Critical Conversations.


Genuine expression.


Imperfect findings.






Faith Filled Moves.










I am more than a blogger, I’m a life sharer. A contributor. 

With you.


I am more than a blogger, I’m a life sharer. A contributor with a portion of a puzzle as we all share!


-BelRaye of Belbump

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