I Call it "Snatch-Back" Syndrome!

February 11, 2018



The “snatch back” might be the latest phenomenon for the millennial mommy. Fitting in that bodycon after pushing out a human being can be an absolutely astonishing goal in a postnatal KimK-Beyoncé world.This can have an  affect on probably any woman. Whether she’s expecting or not! You know, the recent follow of your favorite instagram body muse because they have the best “mom Bod”  and perfect workout plan to get you all the way “together”.

I only know because the moment I got pregnant, I was that girl! It didn’t help I started to see early signs of stretch marks! I’m 26, married and I have goals. So I figured, that I’d loan my body for a few months and keep as close to “regular body” as possible. Watch out for calories! Start some work out regimen! And keep “tight” and “right”. There was just one thing that kind of interrupted my plans....BED REST!!!! 


See, I started to experience very difficult symptoms (swelling,contractions,etc) and it was waaaaay to early for that. I went from, “this baby ain’t slowing me down. I’m working til my water break!” to the doctor saying my movements and days need to be modified and slowed down.




Operation “keep calm I’m only pregnant and I’m about to look like I did it in my sleep” is over?!



The truth is, the superficial desire to be a part of the “snatched crew” or the “I can do it all crew” was a pressure I was placing on myself. WHY was it so important to establish a "snatch-back"? To get a man? Nope. Have one. To show my beautiful body? No had that before with a million pictures to prove it. 


It was to show that I simply COULD. 

Don’t get me wrong, eating healthy and exercising are all great features of a healthy pregnancy. Working while pregnant is preferential especially when there are financial needs. However, going deeper into the psyche of WHY we find the need to boast on “juggling” both or posting more and instantly on “the snatch-back”, is the concern. Hey! I'm not exempt!


I posted the picture of Eniko Hart just 7 days after giving birth to her baby boy and asked woman if they were inspired or was it just extra. Depending on the experience, responses varied. Like, one mom said, “in my first pregnancy, I would have been like ‘I don’t have time to be taking no picture or worrying about my body, I’m so in love with my baby’. BUT with my second, the “snatch back” meant a lot more!”



Some women said, it simply wasn’t inspiring due to the fact that it fits the mold of glamorizing body image and possibly affecting women to feel the pressure of getting that ideal body.


And the question there end lies, WHY was it so important for Mrs. Hart to post? Her Bod moreover the interaction with her babe. So I did a little more research and I saw a time lapse video of her working out from day 1 of her pregnancy, to her prenatal days holding her beautiful boy. I got the full story beyond the snapshot. I then accepted and appreciated her for where she was, how she has chosen to do it, and the demographic she is choosing to inspiring. It was obvious she wanted to motivate woman. It was her high calling.


The question comes up again. WHY?


See no matter where you lie on the spectrum of super fit mom, snap back Sarah, or naturally flowing with my body Nancy, your WHY is always important. To show everyone that you can, may not necessarily be the strongest foundation to build your esteem. Go deeper. Why must I get to the “snatch-back”? Am I being influenced by external forces. And let’s at admit, no one wants to admit or even agree with possibly being controlled or impacted by the status quo. If the instagram muse is putting a pressure on you that you can’t shake,maybe it’s time to follow someone who is going through the process of obtaining the “snatch” back with no shame of stretch marks,extra weight and in between stages. Maybe YOUR the person that could start a journey for woman going through this trying process.



Be sure your “WHY” doesn’t leave an empty hole but leaves you fulfilled and accepting of who you are and where you are!


Salute to all the ladies dealing with the process of embracing and embarking not just in motherhood but womanhood.



-BelRaye of BelBump 








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